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Your Vision
And Leadership 
Attract Clients


It's time to stop the endless maneuvering and grappling with sales and marketing.

"Experts" preach it's about having a niche to find clients.

Yet coaching millionaires don't niche. They lead...

...And so, it's really about developing a vision for your future self and community, who want to follow in your steps and tell everyone about you and their amazing progress.
Because that's the coaching millionaire secret.

Dear Coach, Trainer and Consultant 


Running around worrying about your niche, funnel, podcast etc leads to you changing everything every 6-12 months and you are the proof, otherwise, you would not be here!


The thing is,
You are the avatar within the niche. You don't need to go looking for the business you'll have, I'll explain...
There are millions of people who want to be like Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Brene Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, and Paula White.

You see, your future clients want to follow in the steps of a leader. All of those names are leaders because they became the solution the client wants to become.

You do not need to be a household name, but you do need a community of people paying for your services because you are the lighthouse and you lead them through their choppy waters. Here are our life coaches
clicking heIf you

So do you mind if we ask you a question?

What’s a real business?
For us, a real business supports our dreams.
Rob Yates lives on his estate on a mountain in South Africa.
David Poole, lives in Cognac, France.

We are not constrained, it’s the start of how we lead others. We are your hope, we are something like the transformation you want to have.

The thing is, you can live anywhere, work anytime and travel where you please. If you know how.

1 last question for you.

What's your tomorrow look like..?

...Continue hunting for the magic client button?

Or do you follow a roadmap to establish a thriving business, realise family dreams, foster client referrals and continually expand your impact? 

It's how to get what you want.

The business you seek has a formula of

vision & leadership + solution + community + referrals = lifestyle coaching business with extraordinary impact.

How we help you

Starts with what do you need?

Book a call with David 

And let David and Rob take you beyond the illusion

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