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Inspiring coaches to create a legacy

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We will sort your marketing problem in 2 minutes flat



"Experts" preach it's about having a niche to find clients.

Yet coaching millionaires don't niche. They lead...

...Therefore, having a vision and a paid community wanting to follow in your footsteps is the SAFEST way to build your business. 

It will promote you 24/7!!!

But that is not the elephant in the room (read on)

Dear Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Your biggest priority is making this work. You have bills to pay, you need to put food on the table. Living from week to week, constantly keeping an eye on your budget is not healthy and neither is going down the avenues of buying into shiny objects dressed up as a short cut to wealth.

Funnels, free Facebook groups, lead magnets, different social media platforms, blogging, podcasts can all work, but they are also huge pitfalls with massive financial outlays that burn your cash and dreams. 

We MUST approach building your business with common sense.
We have to keep your business simple to run,
and you MUST be able to speak with people confidently.

So what's the issue with finding a niche?

The chances are, you are the type of person you want to help.
You have walked the path and you know exactly what's wanted. So you don't need to find a niche.

It's time to lead.
And what leaders do is live their life, showing others how to follow their path, making those desired transformations.  

There are only 2 issues in your business

1. The business model.
Don't need to overcomplicate it.
We are going to make it super simple for you.

2. You.
You are the second problem.
That's the elephant in the room.
We must have you speaking to more people.

And you know it's true.
You have been good enough to get where you are today,
but don't have what it takes to move forward.

And we're here to fix that... 

We have 2 solutions for you

And this is how you book a call to find out more and to get started;

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Service level 1.

We are not shy about our prices, it's $450 for 90 days. 

Your primary benefit is having a roadmap to developing your community.

1. You'll be in our private Whatsapp community mixing with all of our clients.
2. Access to our marketing training videos
3. Access to our self-help videos to build up your confidence.
4. A weekly webinar (recorded if you can't attend)
5. Daily accountability coaching (Monday to Friday)
6. Private content from David and Rob giving you all the top success examples from our clients.
7. An invitation to blog on our sister website FIGJAM where you can link to your website and receive free inquiries.

Service level 2.

It's $1250 a month

Your primary benefit is we work with you every step of the way to build your community

1. You receive everything in service level 1
2. A minimum of 2 one to one coaching sessions a month.
3. A private 3way chat with Rob and David so you can ask us questions any time.
4. 3 webinars a week (recorded if you miss it)
5. The coaching book club (optional) where you enhance your coaching skills
6. Our Google course to get you free client inquiries. (We sell this at $2000)

It's good honest business and empowerment coaching

We get results. 
You'll see no silly bonuses.
No crazy claims.
And now it's time to meet our clients...

What are clients say about us

And you can reach out to all of these people...

Learn how Edward found his first 100 clients

34 days after recording this video Edward has 182 monthly subscribers

What are clients say about us

And you can reach out to all of these people...

Are we worth 30 minutes of your time?

HONESTLY, we might not be the fit you need, you know our prices, let's explore if we are right for each other

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Sensible coaching, made easy.

It's how to find your first 106 clients

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