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It's how to collapse time and bring your dreams alive much faster

How to work with

David and Rob

You need to watch the videos, our clients do our talking for us. This is no longer about finding clients, it's making your legacy.
Are you ready..?

The truth is, you need about 10% marketing, 20% teamwork, and 70% is the identity shift you need to make that's always held you back...

What are clients say about us

And you can reach out to all of these people...

Here is how Edward found 100 clients

22 days later, he had 167 clients 

1 last question for you.

What's your tomorrow look like..?

...Continue hunting for the magic client button?

Or do you follow a roadmap to establish a thriving business, realise family dreams, foster client referrals and continually expand your impact? 

How we help you

Starts with what do you need?

Book a call with David 

And let David and Rob take you beyond the illusion

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Service Level #1

We are more than business coaches, we become part of your team.

Let's start by going beyond clients, we need to craft your legacy and through your leadership and vision we'll make client attraction a walk in the park.


Service Level #1 includes a lot of direct contact with Rob and David. Through group coaching, 1-1 sessions and a private chat with both of us, we'll always be by your side.


Service level #2 allows you to unlock the secrets of service level #1 without extensive 1-1 support. (This is the less expensive service)

We'll be delighted for you to join our private community of successful coaches, and you'll access all of our video training. But you need to know this goes beyond finding clients like an insurance salesperson chasing an ambulance, we don't want any of that.

You will become a bit of a magnet for finding clients as they fall into your leadership and start referring their friends to join you. 

Service Level #2

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